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Windows 7 and Mac OS X: A Head to Head Comparison Part Two

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

In this podcast, the Tech Doctors continue their Windows 7 and Mac OS X comparison series.


Jenny boots Windows 7 with no screen reader loaded and demonstrates what it is like to work with the built-in Microsoft screen reader called Narrator.


Robert powers up the Mac and explores getting started with VoiceOver.


Throughout the remainder of the podcast, Jenny uses a third party screen reader called JAWS. The Tech Doctors tradeoff exploring the desktops and file management options of the two operating systems.


Finally, Jenny and Robert discuss maintenance and backup. Robert talks about two pieces of third party software for the Mac called Cocktail and SuperDuper. Jenny mentions Microsoft Security Essentials which is free antivirus software for Windows 7.


Stay tuned for part three of this series when the Tech Doctors show what it is like to work with email, browse the web and use other popular applications in both operating systems.