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Screenless Audio Editing With Sound Studio

Friday, February 24th, 2012

In this brief Tech Doctor podcast, Robert demonstrates how he uses an audio editor called
Sound Studio
to edit the Tech doctor podcast.

Thanks to Allison Mervis for giving me permission to use her wonderful voice in this episode.


On The Bleeding Edge

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

In this version of The Tech Doctor podcast, Robert talks with the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic Allison Mervis of California.

Allison and Robert begin with a discussion of mainstream versus specialized access technology. Allison suspects that we are starting to see a marriage between the two. Robert discusses his idea that it is ideal for specialized braille note taking equipment to also operate as braille displays for iOS devices. He particularly likes the BrailleSense OnHand from Hims Inc. You can learn more about the BrailleSense at
the Hims website

Allison and Robert next discuss Allison’s experience with an Android tablet that she purchased with the hope of making it accessible with one of the Android screen readers. You can learn more about Android accessibility at
the Android accessibility website
Another excellent Android resource is a podcast produced by the Serotalk Podcast Network called
That Android Show

Finally, Robert and Allison explore Allison’s experiences with jailbreaking her iPhone 4s. Allison recently published an excellent article all about jailbreaking. Check it out here.
Jailbreaking Not As Scary As It Sounds



Sunday, February 5th, 2012

In this Tech Doctor podcast, Robert spends an hour with one of the most prolific, creative and popular mainstream Apple podcasters.

Her name is Allison Sheridan. She is the creator and host of the “NOSILLA Cast” podcast. This informative, entertaining fast paced show appears weekly and can be found over at

Allison is a tremendous advocate for people who are blind and she recently gave a presentation at the annual Macworld | iWorld conference under a blindfold showing how iOS devices and the Mac can be used by a blind person. Allison does a fabulous job describing her presentation. I am confident that you will find our discussion informative and interesting.

Thanks, Allison, you are awesome.