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Android Accessibility Part Three

Monday, January 28th, 2013

In Android Accessibility Part Three, the Tech Doctor interviews four Nexus 7 users. Each person discusses their unique experiences with the device including getting started with accessibility and accessing favorite applications.

Thanks Chris Grabowski, Ricky Enger, Pratik Patel and Allison Hartley for sharing your insights and expertise with the Tech Doctor listeners.


Android Accessibility Part Two

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

In Android Accessibility Part two, the Tech Doctor described using the Android screen reader called TalkBack to search for, purchase, configure and begin using six popular apps. He made some comparisons with using similar apps with VoiceOver on the Apple platform.

The six apps are: gmail, iBlink Radio, a Twitter client called Plume, Google Play Books, a podcasting app called DoggCatcher and an app called Presto which gives DoggCatcher the ability to speed up playback.

In Android Accessibility Part Three, the Tech Doctor will interview four people who are also using TalkBack to access Android on the Nexus 7.


Android Accessibility Part One

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

In this episode, the Tech Doctor begins a series on Android Accessibility. With no prior Android experience, the Tech Doctor explains how he went about purchasing, unboxing and setting up his Nexus 7 tablet.

He used the
Nexus 7 accessibility documentation
from the google website as his guide.

Along the way, he discovered an excellent podcast about the Nexus 7. It is
Episode 13 of That Android Show
Another excellent podcast about Android Accessibility was recently done by Mike Arrigo and is available at
The Blind Geek Zone

The Tech Doctor hopes that you find this information helpful and that you will stay tuned for the next episode in this series.


Sounds From Antarctica

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

In this podcast, the Tech Doctor discusses his recent trip to AntArctica where he was part of a National Geographic expedition.

The podcast comes alive with 22 sound clips featuring National Geographic scientist, underwater photographers and other expedition participants as we explored Antarctica together.

The sounds of the animals, the ice, the wind and water are best experienced when headphones are used to listen to this podcast.

Enjoy this virtual exploration of Antarctica. There is no other place like it on this earth.