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Braille Is Cool: Spread The Word

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

In this Tech Doctor episode, Allison and Robert talk with Deborah Kendrick about an extraordinary column that Deborah wrote for the Columbus Dispatch newspaper called
Old-school Braille needs image update

Deborah wrote the column after returning from the first ever Braille Summit where 100 braille experts gathered to discuss the future of braille.

Deborah, Allison and Robert explain how important braille is to them personally and professionally. While acknowledging the value and importance of talking devices and audio books, the podcasters conclude that audio-based technology is not a substitute or replacement for braille.

Given that braille is the only written language for people who are blind, it is most unfortunate that fewer blind people are learning braille today than ever before.

We believe that braille must once again become a critical component of every blind person’s education. Every student be they sighted or blind needs to be proficient in written language. We must help parents, teachers, rehabilitation professionals and even blind people realize that braille is the key to literacy for anyone who can’t see to read print.


The Sweetspot: Where People and Technology Connect

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

In this podcast, Robert and Allison speak with the frequently mentioned but rarely heard from man who ultimately won Allison’s heart.

Jeremy Hartley shares his extensive background working in technology and music.

Allison shares the story of out the couple met online. Both partners talk about how their relationship has evolved into the happy marriage that they now enjoy.

Thanks Allison and Jeremy for sharing your story. The courage to be honest, the willingness to be vulnerable and the power that comes from using technology to improve our lives is what the Tech Doctor podcast is all about.