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Developing iOS and Mac Apps

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

In this Tech Doctor podcast, Robert and Allison talk with Jeff Bishop, Alex Hall and Michael Doise about the development of the innovative iOS app for the American Council of the Blind called
ACB Link.

Jeff Bishop begins by taking us through the basic features and capabilities of the app. Michael Doise, the app’s developer, then talks with us about what it is like to take a set of ideas and turn them into a fully functioning iOS app.

The podcast then moves to a broader discussion of the accessibility of app development for people who are visually impaired and blind. Alex Hall tells us about a tutorial that he has published on
teaching VoiceOver users how to work with Xcode on the Mac. We learn that Apple has made it easy for developers to build VoiceOver accessible apps.

We conclude with the realization that app development is a viable career for blind and visually impaired people. Michael Doise tells us that his company called
is interested in working with blind and low vision Apple developers. We see Apple app development as an excellent career opportunity for qualified blind and visually impaired people.


Talking Apple TV with David Woodbridge

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

This Tech Doctor Podcast is all about the new 4th generation
Apple TV

Robert and Allison spent the hour with
David Woodbridge.
At the time of this podcast, David has published 13 excellent podcasts teaching us to use the new Apple TV with VoiceOver. He says that he plans to publish at least 20 podcasts on the Apple TV.

We discuss the new hardware, describe how to set it up and talk about how this device differs from the third generation Apple TV. We agree that the new Siri remote and the ability to install apps from the Apple TV app store are the big changes available in this 4th generation Apple TV.

The three of us conclude, that once again, Apple has taken the lead on providing the most accessible set-top box that is currently available. We are really enjoying this new Apple TV. Sit back and let us tell you all about it.