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Year End Review: Apple 2015

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

In this podcast, the Tech Doctors offer their opinions on the major hardware and software that Apple released in 2015. It was a very busy year with plenty of excitement along the way.

They begin with the opinion that
VoiceOver Accessibility
has steadily improved throughout the year. As of the end of 2015, the Tech Doctors are confident that VoiceOver is performing well on all of the Apple devices. The current versions of iOS 9, OS X WatchOS 2 and tvOS are all working well with VoiceOver.

The Tech Doctors next discuss the
Apple Watch.
Robert loves his watch and uses it every day both at work and at home. Allison has not integrated her watch into her life to the extent that Robert has,but she acknowledges that the watch improves with every software update. Allison expects to enjoy the watch a lot more in 2016.

Robert briefly discusses an app which allows one to silently check the time on the watch by detecting vibration patterns that represent the hours and minutes. The app is called
Robert next briefly demonstrates an app called
This app allows one to record audio directly on the Apple Watch.

The Tech Doctors talk briefly about the new
Neither Robert nor Allison have one but they believe that it is the beginning of a new and exciting next generation of Apple laptops.

The Tech Doctors are seriously enjoying
Apple Music.
They love having streaming access to more than 30 million songs on iTunes.

The Tech Doctors then spend some time on the
iPhone 6s Plus.
Allison and Robert are of the opinion that this is by far the best iPhone that they have ever owned.

The podcast finishes with a discussion of the new 4th generation
Apple TV,
iPad Pro
OS X El Capitan.

The Tech Doctors feel that Apple did a great job in 2015. They can’t wait to see what comes along in 2016.

Finally, Robert and Allison very much appreciate your support of the Tech Doctor podcast. We hope you will continue to listen as we are certain that the best is yet to come.


MLWordTips with Lynnette and Maria

Monday, December 7th, 2015

In this podcast, the Tech Doctors have the pleasure of talking with Lynnette Tatum and Maria Rios all about their new iOS app called MLWordTips.

For twenty years, Lynnette provided her students with notes on how to use Microsoft Word using the keyboard rather than the mouse. Lynnette turned these twenty years worth of notes into a beautiful iOS app making MS Word keyboard shortcuts accessible to everyone who has an iOS device.

Lynnette took us through how she got the idea for the app. She and Maria wrote and edited the content and Michael Doise of
developed the app.

The Tech Doctors are of the opinion that this app is equally beneficial for blind and sighted people who want to get the most out of Microsoft Word. We congratulate Lynnette for having the courage and the passion to turn her idea into a product that everyone can purchase on the iOS app store.

Check out
for yourself. Then, get to work and create an app of your own.