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Ability Stories: Telling Your Truth About Living with One or More Disabilities

Monday, May 30th, 2016

In this Tech Doctor Podcast, Robert and Allison speak with Tara Briggs. Tara is the creator and host of a new podcast called “Ability Stories.”

On her podcast, Tara interviews people who are fully and whole heartedly living their lives. It just so happens that they may have one or more physical disabilities.

Tara’s natural curiosity along with her warm and easy conversational style, offers her guests the safety and freedom to explore the truth about their lives. There is no sensationalism, just authentic human conversation.

The podcast is available in iTunes and in all of the podcast listening apps. Just search for Ability Stories or Click
to go to the Ability Stories web page. Tara welcomes your
comments as well.

Robert and Allison love the approach that Tara takes to exploring life with disabilities. We wish her all the best with this new podcast and encourage you to give Ability Stories a serious listen.


Vorail: Its All in the Voice

Monday, May 9th, 2016

In this Tech Doctor podcast, Robert and Allison speak with a developer and a user of the new social media app called Vorail.

Rather than rely on text or photos, Vorail uses the human voice to communicate with other people. So far, this app has really resonated with people who are blind and visually impaired. Hopefully, lots of sighted people will start catching on to the benefits of Vorail as well. After only being publicly available for about two months, the app is already handling over 40,000 messages a day.

The developers have chosen the human voice over text or pictures because they believe that voices allow people to connect on a deeper human level where one is judged on what they say versus what they look like.

Because it is difficult to describe this community by talking about it, the last third of the podcast is made up of members of the Vorail community speaking for themselves about what Vorail means to them.

Robert and Allison believe that this community has a lot to offer. They appreciate the work that Tom and Mandi are doing and thank them for talking with us on the podcast. They also thank the members of the Vorail community who contributed to this episode as well.

is available for free on the iOS app store. You just might want to give it a try.


iPhone and iOS 9

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

In this Tech Doctor episode, Allison and Robert speak with Anna Dresner about her recently released book “Getting Started with the iPhone and iOS 9.”

For several years, Anna has worked with National Braille Press to publish the only hardcopy braille step-by-step guide to using the iPhone for blind users. This latest update, covers all of the basics plus everything that is new in iOS 9. In addition to the book being great for beginners, the book will appeal to people who simply need to be reminded how a particular feature works. Geeks who want to know everything about the new features in iOS 9 will find this book helpful as well.

In addition to hardcopy braille, the book is available in DAISY, Word and Epub formats.

To locate the book, a reference card and other materials, go to
The National Braille Press
website and type “iPhone” in the search box.

Thanks Anna. The Tech Doctors appreciate all of the care and detail that you always put into this book. It is an excellent resource.