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Touch Bar Follow-Up

Monday, December 19th, 2016

This Tech Doctor episode is a follow-up to the previous podcast where Allison and Robert took a detailed look at the new Touch Bar MacBook Pro with VoiceOver.

The Tech Doctors begin with a workaround for the problem of not being able to start VoiceOver when booting into the system recovery partition. They briefly discuss the Touch Bar and low vision. Robert and Allison agree to get some low vision experts on the podcast to better understand how folks with low vision are getting along with the the Touch Bar.

Allison and Robert then talk about setting up Macs from scratch. Allison is currently upgrading a 2010 Mac mini and Robert just moved from a 2012 MacBook Pro to the 2016 version.

This will likely be the final Tech Doctor podcast of 2016. We will have a lot to say in early 2017. We are grateful that you choose to join us on this podcasting adventure.


Touch Bar MacBook Pro with VoiceOver

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

In this Tech Doctor podcast, Robert and Allison dive deeply into the 2016 13 inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro. They compare this new design with the 2012 MacBook Pro which was the new design four years ago.

Robert demonstrates that the new Touch Bar and Touch ID features are fully accessible with VoiceOver. Once again, Apple has carefully thought through and skillfully implemented VoiceOver into a new technology. Blind people should not fear the Touch Bar.

The Tech Doctors hope that this podcast will give you the necessary information to evaluate this new computer for yourself.