Instabrowser Faster Than Safari

In this Tech Doctor episode, Robert and Allison talk with, Michael Manesh, the developer of
This iOS app very well may replace Safari as your favorite browser.

Michael designed Instabrowser to load pages extremely fast and to render text in a clean and simple format. It works much like the read it later Instapaper app but operates on webpages in realtime. The table of contents button instantly creates a list of the relevant articles on the page and one can immediately jump to the desired article.

It didn’t occur to Michael that VoiceOver users could benefit from Instabrowser. When I contacted him, however, he had Instabrowser working extremely well with VoiceOver just within a few days. Michael describes the process of making the app accessible and encourages all developers to make their apps work with VoiceOver.

Allison grabs her iPhone and demonstrates just how well Instabrowser works. You get to hear just how fast and efficient it is to locate and read articles with this browser.

One of the ways that Instabrowser achieves such speed and efficiency is that it doesn’t load java script. This means that some pages don’t work well with the mobilizer version of Instabrowser, in such cases, simply tap a toggle button and the webpage is fully loaded just as if you were working in Safari.

Instabrowser is an excellent alternative to Safari and the work that Michael has done to make it fully VoiceOver accessible is greatly appreciated. To learn more about Instabrowser,
Click Here.


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