Apple Watch with David Woodbridge

In this Tech Doctor podcast, Robert Carter and David Woodbridge enthusiastically describe how they are already making extensive use of Apple Watch in their daily lives. They are amazed by and thrilled with the stability and maturity of VoiceOver access in this first version of the Apple Watch. Anyone who knows how to use VoiceOver on the iPhone can quickly transfer those skills to using VoiceOver on the Apple Watch.

While this podcast is a good general discussion of what the Apple Watch can do, Robert and David encourage everyone to listen to the more than thirty podcasts that David has produced demonstrating how to utilize all aspects of the watch with VoiceOver.

These excellent Apple Watch podcasts are available both
At The Applevis Website
and on
David’s personal podcast page.

Even in this version 1, we have found only miner bugs which can easily be worked around until they are fixed. This makes us comfortable recommending Apple Watch to anyone who is interested in enjoying this new and exciting wearable technology.

David and Robert encourage everyone to go to an Apple store and investigate the watch for yourself. We hope that you like it as much as we do. Regardless of whether or not the Apple Watch appeals to you personally, we can all agree that Apple is to be commended for creating the first fully accessible smart watch.

Unfortunately, Allison Hartley was unavailable to record with us. She will be discussing her Apple Watch experience on a future podcast.


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