Making Exercise Accessible

In this Tech Doctor podcast, Robert and Allison speak with Mel Scott founder of BlindAlive and Eyes-Free Fitness.

Mel explains how she became frustrated with inaccessible exercise videos where the instructor did not provide a verbal explanation of how to perform the exercises. Mel decided to solve the problem by creating her own fully accessible exercise routines. Mel’s verbal instruction is clear and easy to follow. The exercise program is excellent and of course fully accessible.

BlindAlive Website
is uncluttered and easy to navigate. It is, however, filled with useful fitness information. There is a blog and podcast as well as a page for purchasing downloadable MP3 recordings of the exercises. Some of the recordings are also available on CD from Amazon. If you have questions or are uncomfortable ordering online, you can call 570-212-9979 and leave a voicemail message and someone from BlindAlive will return your call.

In addition to learning about exercise, Mel told the Tech Doctors about a remarkable backpack called the BackTpack. It is available from BlindAlive as well. There is lots of good information in this podcast.

Thanks Mel.


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