Two Excellent Accessibility Resources

In this Tech Doctor podcast, Allison and Robert spend the first half hour with Shelly Brisbin and the second half hour with Lisa Salinger.

Shelly has just published the 4th edition of her iOS Access for All book. The entire book has been updated to cover the numerous changes and additions that Apple made to accessibility in iOS 10. There are around 80 pages of new material.

The book explains how iOS provides access for people who are dealing with visual, hearing, cognitive and motor disabilities. This is a lot to cover in one book. Shelly’s years of writing experience, her technical expertise and a keen eye for clarity and detail has resulted in a book that handles this huge topic extremely well. Shelly has organized and written the book so that it can either be read straight through or used as a reference to find just the information that you need.

The Tech Doctors believe that this book is a must have if you seriously want to understand Apple’s offerings in iOS accessibility. You can go to the
Book’s Website
and read the table of contents and even try a sample chapter. The book can be purchased in EPUB or PDF format directly on the website or as an iBook in the iBook store.

In the second part of the podcast, the Tech Doctors welcome Lisa Salinger back to tell us about her new Apple Watch audio tutorial.

When Lisa was trying to decide whether or not to purchase an Apple Watch, she realized that there was very little information available for VoiceOver users who are interested in understanding what the latest watch OS has to offer.

In this comprehensive tutorial, Lisa brings her substantial organizational skills, high level of creativity and years of teaching experience together to create a tutorial that is ideal for anyone who currently owns an Apple Watch. The tutorial is equally suited for people who are trying to decide whether or not the Apple Watch is right for them.

Lisa worked with Chris and Kim from Mystic Access who used their expertise to create a DAISY formatted tutorial with very good audio quality. The tutorial is easy to navigate and one can quickly locate a forgotten command thanks to the detailed level of markup provided by the team at Mystic Access.

The Tech Doctors recommend this tutorial for anyone who wants to really understand what the Apple Watch with VoiceOver can do for you. Even if you should decide that the Apple Watch is not for you, the tutorial provides exactly the information that is needed to make an informed decision. The tutorial is available on the
Mystic Access
website. This tutorial is worth a lot more than the $39 price tag.


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