Virtually In Australia with the Piano-Man, Scott Erichsen

In this Tech Doctor podcast, Robert makes a virtual trip to Australia where he catches up with the professional musician and access technology specialist, Scott Erichsen.

Scott tells us about his formal training as a jazz pianist. He describes how having perfect pitch has helped him to quickly reproduce the music that he hears. Scott talks about the importance of braille in writing music and the necessity to have really excellent teachers.

Robert and Scott then move in to a discussion of access technology describing how blind people in Australia go about acquiring and utilizing access technology. Scott talks about his work as a tester, evaluator and trainer. They discuss mainstream versus specialized technology and explore some ways of bridging the two.

The podcast concludes with a discussion of Scott’s current music, a pending trip to the U.S. and Scott’s two currently available albums. Finally, Robert finishes the podcast by playing one of Scott’s recordings called “Places.”


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