Mystic Access: Training and Consultation

In this Tech Doctor podcast, Allison and Robert speak with access technology specialist Chris Grabowski. Chris has recently launched a new access technology training and consultation business called
Mystic Access

The first product from Mystic Access is a comprehensive Sense Navigation GPS tutorial. Sense Navigation is the GPS software that runs on the Hims Braille Sense family of products.

Prior to starting Mystic Access, Chris worked for many years providing technical support for the Sendero Group which developed the Sense Navigation software for Hims. Chris’s years of experience and thorough understanding of what people need to know to get the most out of the Sense Navigation software is evident in the quality and content of the tutorial. We feel that this tutorial is essential for anyone who owns a Braille Sense and wants to make the most of the Sense Navigation GPS software.

The tutorial is available in mp3 audio format and can be purchased and downloaded from the
Mystic Access home page.

In addition to running the new business, Chris is a fellow podcaster. When you check out the
Mystic Access Podcast
be sure to listen to a recent episode where Chris provides a sample of the SenseNav tutorial. The podcast is available through iTunes or via your favorite podcast listening client. Simply do a search for “Mystic Access.”

In addition to contacting Chris through his website, you can follow
Chris On Twitter

Thanks Chris and best of luck with the new venture.


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