The Tech Doctor’s Favorite Podcasts

In this Tech Doctor episode, Robert and Allison begin with a brief discussion of the Apple Event that is expected to occur on September 10th. This leads to a discussion of how much excitement a new iPhone generates and what this has come to represent.

The remainder of the podcast is spent with Robert listing and describing the podcasts that he most often listens to. Below are two links for each podcast. The first link goes to the main web site for the podcast and the second link is the actual podcast feed link. This second link can be directly entered in to iTunes or another pod catching client. The tech Doctor podcast highly recommends the use of Downcast on both the Mac and iOS platforms.

Apple related podcasts
Mac Break Weekly Website
Mac Break Weekly Podcast Feed

Systematic Website
Systematic Podcast Feed

TUAW Daily Update Website
TUAW Daily Update Podcast Feed

The Talk Cast Website
The Talk Cast Podcast Feed

Accidental Tech Podcast Website
Accidental Tech Podcast Feed

Amplified Website
Amplified Podcast Feed

For Mac Eyes Only Website
For Mac Eyes Only Podcast Feed

Mac Geek Gab Website
Mac Geek Gab Podcast Feed

Mac Power Users Website
Mac Power Users Podcast Feed

Mac Roundtable Website
Mac Roundtable Podcast Feed

Mac Bites Website
Mac Bites Podcast Feed

Mac Cast Website
Mac Cast Podcast Feed

Mac Jury Website
Mac Jury Podcast Feed

Mac Notables Website
Mac Notables Podcast Feed

Mac Voices Website
Mac Voices Podcast Feed

Macworld Website
Macworld Podcast Feed

NOSILLA Podcast Website
NOSILLA Cast Podcast Feed

The Talk Show Website
The Talk Show Podcast Feed

We Have Communicators Website
We Have Communicators Podcast Feed

Mac OS Ken Website
Mac OS Ken Podcast Feed

Today In iOS Website
Today In iOS Podcast Feed

Disability Related Podcasts

Accessible Devices Website
Accessible Devices Podcast Feed

Access Talk Website
Access Talk Podcast Feed

Apple and Other Accessible Technology Website
Apple and Other Accessible Technology Podcast Feed

Applevis Website
Applevis Podcast Feed

Assistive Technology Update Website
Assistive Technology Update Podcast Feed

Blind Access Journal Website
Blind Access Journal Podcast Feed

Blind Bargains Website
Blind Bargains Podcast Feed

Blind World Blog and Podcast Website
Blind World Blog and Podcast Podcast Feed

Cool Blind Tech Website
Cool Blind Tech Podcast Feed

How to be Blind Website
How to be Blind Podcast Feed

I Blind Tech Website
I Blind Tech Demo Podcast Feed

Maccessibility Website
Maccessibility Podcast Feed

Main Menu Website
Main Menu Podcast Feed

Mystic Access Website
Mystic Access Podcast Feed

NV Access Website
NV Access Podcast Feed

Triple Click Home Website
Triple Click Home Podcast Feed

Serotalk Website
Serotalk Podcast Feed

Book Podcasts

Book Hoarders Anonymous Website
Book Hoarders Anonymous Podcast Feed

Book Riot Website
Book Riot Podcast Feed

Books On The Nightstand Website
Books On The Nightstand Podcast Feed

Literary Disco Website
Literary Disco Podcast Feed

Other People Website
Other People Podcast Feed

Other Excellent Podcasts

Sex Nerd Sandra Website
Sex Nerd Sandra Podcast Feed

Stuff Mom Never Told You Website
Stuff Mom Never Told You Podcast Feed

Tech News Today Website
Tech News Today Podcast Feed

60 Minutes Website
60 Minutes Podcast Feed

Democracy Now Website
Democracy Now Podcast Feed

The Frequency Website
The Frequency Podcast Feed

Just The Tip Website
Just The Tip Podcast Feed

Shelly’s Podcast Website
Shelly’s Podcast Podcast Feed

This Week In Tech Website
This Week In Tech Podcast Feed


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