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In this Tech Doctor Podcast, Robert and Allison begin a two part series exploring the ever-increasing role that technology is playing in helping us with our physical and mental health. In this episode, the podcast focuses on anxiety.

Robert and Allison had the pleasure of speaking with Sandra Reich and Georgia Dow. Sandra is a psychotherapist and the
Clinical Director of The Montreal Center for Anxiety & Depression.
Georgia is also a therapist at the Montreal Center for Anxiety & Depression. She specializes in the treatment of anxiety.

Sandra and Georgia have created an online video series helping people to understand what anxiety is, how it works and how to reduce and eventually control it. Robert and Allison suspect that these videos would likely be particularly helpful to blind people who are struggling with anxiety. Georgia and Sandra present the information and treatment in an easy to understand style with lots of natural warmth and compassion. Don’t just take Allison and Robert’s word for it, listen to the podcast and here Sandra and Georgia for yourself. You can learn more about how to purchase and download the videos by visiting the
Anxiety-Videos website.

In addition to their clinical work, both Georgia and Sandra are prolific podcasters. Sandra does a radio show and podcast called
Straight Talk with Sandra Reich.
Georgia is a co-host on several Apple centered podcast on the
iMore network
and she is frequently a guest on other podcasts around the internet.

Allison and Robert appreciate Georgia and Sandra sharing this important information with all of us.


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