The Tech Doctors Examine iPhone X

In this podcast, the Tech Doctors discuss their experiences with the new
iPhone X.
This is an all new design with an edge to edge OLED screen, no home button and Face ID in in stead of Touch ID. The phone has glass on both the front and back to support wireless charging. It is a tiny bit larger than the iPhone 8 but smaller than the plus phones. It feels fabulous in the hand.

Even though the phone feels and operates like an iPhone, no home button means that there are some new gestures and some new habits to get into when using this phone. The Tech Doctors explore all of these changes in detail.

The Tech Doctors are pleased that Apple has, once again, made this phone completely VoiceOver accessible right out of the box. Both Tech Doctors ran into some setup glitches which they describe in the podcast.

Being early adopters who love new technology, the Tech Doctors are thrilled with the new iPhone X. Apple is selling seven models of the iPhone in addition to the iPhone X. There is something there for everyone and they are all excellent phones. You just have to figure out which one is right for you.


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