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For the Benefit of Those Who See

Monday, February 24th, 2014

In this Tech Doctor episode, Robert and Allison have the pleasure of speaking with Rosemary Mahoney who just published her sixth book. Rosemary is a sighted woman who became interested in really understanding what it is really like to be blind.

In the book, Rosemary candidly describes her journey of going from a person who was fearful of blind people to someone who now has significant insight in to how blind people function in the world. She dispels the myth that blind people are depressed and helpless. The book is honest, accurate and at times quite humorous.

The podcast gives one a good idea of what Rosemary experienced but one can only fully appreciate the power of this story by reading the book.

In addition to being available in print, the book is in audio format from both and the National Library Service BARD site. The National Braille Press will be making the book available in Braille as well. The book is entitled: “For the Benefit of Those Who See: Dispatches From the World of the Blind.” More information is available at
Rosemary’s website.

Robert and Allison agree that this is an extremely important book for everyone to read. We feel that sighted people can especially benefit from what Rosemary has to say.