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Burning Questions: The Tech Doctor Perspective

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

In this podcast, Robert and Allison explore some interesting questions regarding recent software and hardware releases from

Both iOS 8.0 and Yosemite OS 10.10 required software updates to fix numerous bugs. While buggy software is frustrating, is Apple slipping in this area? It seems that every major operating system developer has to release bug fixes after a major dot zero release. Apple, however, prides itself on providing the best possible customer experience. Do they need to slow down and not try to do a major upgrade of both operating systems every year? Does Apple try to innovate too much in each release? If they did not, would their competition get ahead? Does Apple need to hire more software engineers to smooth out the development process? Is there any way to get the bugs out of complex operating systems before release? Are we as Apple consumers expecting too much from each new release?

On the hardware side, why are many of us still waiting to get the iPhone 6 Plus which is in very short supply? What does this mean for the next iPhone? Is the demand simply so high that making enough in time for launch is impossible?

After exploring some of these issues, Allison and Robert move into a discussion of the Victor Reader Stream from
While Robert and Allison are very satisfied that they can do everything on their iOS devices that the Stream can do, is the Stream’s excellent user interface enough to warrant its purchase to operate alongside the Apple devices?

Robert and Allison are interested in your input on these difficult issues. Feel free to
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