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Using the iPhone Without Looking or Touching the Screen

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

In this podcast, the Tech Doctors begin by discussing how they feel about their recent Apple purchases. They then move on to a discussion and demonstration of a remote control for the iPhone called O6.

This product offers a new way to work with the iPhone that makes excellent use of VoiceOver.

To learn more, go to
The O6 Website


Three Excellent Books

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

In this podcast, the tech doctors have the pleasure of talking with Anna Dresner about her three latest books. Anna’s books are available from the
National Braille press.
The easiest way to locate them on the National Braille Press website is to do a search for “Anna Dresner.” That way, you get to see all of Anna’s books.

The first book that we discuss called “How to Learn About Almost Anything” is an excellent review of iOS apps that are educational in nature. There are apps for children and adults and there is something here for everyone. The variety is astounding.

The second book entitled “Ten Thousand Steps” is all about apps that help with fitness and wellness. VoiceOver users have lots of choices when it comes to exercise and self care.

The third book “you and Your Apple Watch” is a very thorough exploration of how to select, configure and use the Apple Watch. The tech doctors believe that this book contains everything that a VoiceOver user needs to know to get up an running with an Apple Watch.

If you are considering whether or not to purchase an Apple Watch, the tech doctors recommend combining Anna’s book with Lisa Salinger’s Apple Watch audio tutorial. This way, you get Anna’s clear and concise written explanations and Lisa’s audio demonstrations of how the watch actually sounds with VoiceOver running.. Lisa’s tutorial is available at
Mystic Access.

Thanks Anna. It was great to podcast with you again.